This morning as I hurried myself out the door to get to my yoga class, I realized that I left my keys in my boyfriend’s man bag. SHIT. I called him up. We decided that I would leave the door unlocked and he would be home shortly to lock up. After my class, I found myself with some extra time as I had to wait for him to return home. So I went to a cafe and ordered a cup of tea and a slice of cherry cheesecake. What came out of it were my goals for May! I’ve always loosely set monthly goals but have never written them down. And, I already set 1, 2, 5 and 10 year personal, health and career goals and re-evaluate those goals twice a year, but many of those goals are long-term goals, some of them not coming to fruition for a year, where some of the monthly goals I’ve set are not as time-consuming and will be reached in the next week, even tomorrow if I want.

I find goal-setting extremely helpful. Yes, sometimes I don’t reach all my goals as life happens and things change but it’s important to work towards things that you value. I found this great blog  5 Reasons Why You Should Set Goals, have a read when you get a chance.

I thought I would share my goals for May with you and hopefully this will inspire you to set your own goals AND sharing my goals with you will make it more concrete for me.  Don’t make your goals complicated, but set a couple of goals that may take you out of your comfort zone.  Have fun!


  1. Journal everyday.
  2. Renew my driver’s license.
  3. Renew my passport.
  4. Donate dish to Salvation Army’s monthly dinner.
  5. Create two new yoga playlists – one slow and one fast.
  6. Take yoga classes with 3-889 Yoga teachers that I haven’t taken a class with before.
  7.  No dairy for the month of May.  (eek, what am I to do without cheese and yogurt?)
  8. Buy new eyeglasses.
  9. Go dancing!
  10. Go out for a tea or wine with someone I haven’t gone out with before.